Whether you’re young, old or somewhere in between, learning to play the drums can provide a number of benefits to you.

Research has shown that music helps form neural connections in children, improving reading, writing and math skills as well as physical coordination and critical thinking skills. Studying music, including taking drum lessons, has also proven to keep the adult mind alert and active and sharpen the memory.

For students of all ages, music can and should be a fun form of self-expression that increases self-esteem and develops pride of accomplishment. And when you learn to play the drums you tap into over 6,500 years of music making. Drums and percussion are arguably the oldest known instruments after the human voice. Finding the right drum teacher is an important part of your development. We’ll get into that more a little bit later.

Regardless of if you’re looking to brush up on rusty skills, learn something new, or prepare for an upcoming audition, I’ve probably taught someone just like you how to play the drums. For example…

Some of My Drum Students Along the Way…

Check out two of my students here. Noah started drum lessons at the age of five, and Elliott at age four.

Here they are, (slightly older) rocking out at a student drum recital a few years back. In both cases their parents saw they had an interest in the drums and decided to jump on it rather than wait. And in both cases it was well worth it! In fact both still come to me for weekly drum lessons, now at ages fifteen and thirteen.

Here is a clip of Sam performing Stevie Ray Vaughan’s “Couldn’t Stand the Weather”.

Sam and his mother came to me for drum lessons a few years ago when Sam was a junior in high school. He already had loads of talent but he wanted to work specifically on the percussion skills necessary for pursuing his dream of attending school at Berklee College of Music. One year later Sam was majoring in music at Berklee.

I’ve been a professional drum teacher for almost twenty years

and have taught many drum students at the beginner and intermediate levels, as well as those that have gone on to further their studies at prestigious music schools. Some even going on to become music teachers. But not everyone is in it to become a professional drummer. Sometimes adults are looking for a fun release from the everyday grind. Taking drum lessons can be just that. Here’s what Pete has to say about studying with me…


I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed my drum lessons with you. Although I have a long way to go, my playing has improved more than I could have imagined since I began taking lessons from you. Almost three years ago I posted the following in an online drumming forum:

  • ‘If at all possible, take some drum lessons, (Sooner rather than later.) Working from the books/internet is fine, but you really need someone to watch you and point out what you are doing wrong. (I know I do!).’
  • ‘Please note that when I do the exercises on my own, I almost ALWAYS do them wrong, and my drum instructor has to watch me play it and work with me to fix it.’
  • ‘I have got more out of 1 month of drum lessons than the year + I spent trying to learn on my own.’

That was written after I taken a mere six months of your lessons, yet everything I said then still applies now. Your dedication to your craft and your students has saved me HUGE amounts of time and frustration in my quest to become a quality drummer. Thank you for taking me in as an ‘older than traditional’, (now 49 y.o.) student. I still look forward to every lesson that I have with you.”

-Pete T.

The intense passion I have for teaching drums, combined with enthusiasm, energy, and patience allows me to create an individualized teaching approach, inspiring students of all ages and stages of development. If you want a little more insight into why I might be the right teacher for you please visit my Drum Lessons page.


Scott Kinnison

Percussionist and Educator.

It was 5th grade and one of the local band teachers came to our school with all of the different instruments. They were laying across the front of our little school stage in the cafeteria. Of course, the first thing to catch my eye was…. the trombone.

In 5th grade I was the smallest one in my class. I joke around nowadays and tell my students that I was knee high. I’m guessing my lungs were the size of sandwich bags. I picked up the trombone and almost fell over. So I changed my stance to get some leverage, I pushed the slide out as far as my arm could reach, (3rd position) and blew with all my might…… nothing, crickets.


music i'm involved in

The Vinx Quartet

Recorded live at The Riverwalk Cafe in Nashua NH 2015. Vinx has been a pioneer of vocal Jazz for the past 30 years having performed with the likes of Sting, Herbie Hancock and Stevie Wonder just to name a few. Here the Quartet is performing on of Vinx’s originals ‘Sensuality’.

  • Vinx – vocals and digital vocal effects
  • Brad Myrick – guitar
  • Scott Kiefner – bass
  • Scott Kinnison – drums

The Vinx Quartet

A live performance of Eden Ahbez’ “Nature Boy” performed by Vinx’s quartet at Trumpets Jazz Club in New Jersey. Vinx has been a pioneer of vocal Jazz for the past 30 years having performed with the likes of Sting, Herbie Hancock and Stevie Wonder just to name a few.

  • Vinx – vocals and digital vocal effects
  • Leo Quintero – guitar
  • Scott Kiefner – Bass
  • Scott Kinnison – Drums

The Conniption Fits

Recorded live at The Conniption Fits Masquerade Ball at the Fireside Inn, Lebanon New Hampshire. The Conniption Fits is a high energy modern rock band. They have had songs on MTV, ESPN’s X-Games, CBS’s Vans Triple Crown as well as national radio. Here performing Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake it Off’.

  • Stevens Blanchard – guitar and lead vocals
  • Jamie Hosley – bass and backing vocals
  • Scott Kinnison – drums

The Don Friedman Trio

Recorded live at The Boulders Hall of Riverwoods in Exeter, New Hampshire Saturday, June 21st 2014. Sadly this has become one of Don’s last live recordings, as he lost his battle with cancer in 2016. Don Friedman had a storied career spanning multiple decades, traveling the world, performing with the greatest Jazz musicians to have ever played.

  • Don Friedman – Piano
  • John Lockwood – Bass
  • Scott Kinnison – Drums

The Conniption Fits

Misinformed Informant is the most recent release by The Conniption Fits, a high energy modern rock band who have had songs on MTV, ESPN’s X-Games, CBS’s Vans Triple Crown as well as national radio. This single had over 100k plays in its week. This was also Scott’s first original studio recording with the band.

  • Stevens Blanchard – guitar and vocals
  • Jamie Hosley – bass
  • Scott Kinnison – drums


Bayside is a versatile, experienced ensemble that has been performing throughout New England’s clubs and casinos for years. Due to popular demand, the band chose to focus on private events in 2016 and became Wilson Steven’s most recent addition. With 2 stellar vocalists, a 4 piece rhythm section and the option to add saxophone, Bayside can appeal to all demographics. Multi-generational in repertoire, the band excels at R&B, Motown, Top 40 and Classic Rock to name a few styles.

“Scott is a fine, professional musician who does a great job with students.

Music teachers clamor to have him come back each year to prepare their students for band and state competitions. He has a great rapport with all ages, can key in on what kids need and take them to a higher performance level. His love of music is infectious. He inspires our students by modeling what it takes to be a professional musician.”

Susan D.

Excel Director
Maine School District #60



While I believe one of the key skills I possess that sets me apart from the average drum instructor is my understanding of the learning process and the importance of the student/teacher dynamic, I also understand the importance of personal commitment to the craft of drumming. I take drumming seriously and work at it every day. Drumming has been a way of life for me for many years. You can visit my About page to learn more on how drumming became such an important piece of my life. For more information specifically on my playing career please visit my Performance page. You can also check out my calendar to see where I’m playing next.

If you are you looking for an experienced, friendly, and professional drum teacher, or need a drummer for an upcoming live performance or studio work please contact me by email and connect with me on Facebook.


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